Jennifer Lopez: I need good skin

Jennifer Lopez says it is important for her to have “great skin and beautiful hair”.

The singer is famed for her gorgeous curves, glowing skin and sleek, long, flowing locks.

The 41-year-old focuses on maintaining a “healthy” look and concentrates on keeping her skin and tresses in good condition.

"I like to have a healthy look. For me, the most important thing is to have a great skin and beautiful hair,” she said in an interview with the French edition of Glamour magazine.

In order to maintain a healthy glow, Jennifer avoids smoking, alcohol and excessive sun exposure. The gorgeous star advises that women take time to look after themselves.

"To feel good, you have to treat your body as well as you can and lead a healthy life. This means you should eat properly, avoid staying under the sun for too long, not smoking and not drinking of course,” she explained.

The Latino songstress is “excited” about being the new face of L'Oréal. The beauty loves the fact that the cosmetics brand epitomises glamour.

"I am very excited ! I have always used L'Oréal products. It's a brand that symbolises glamour and innovation and this is something that I particularly like,” she gushed.


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