15 Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Enhance Your PC Productivity

15 Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Enhance Your PC Productivity

3 days ago. by Shaun Zhang

Ever wondered what it is like to be able to complete your tasks in half the time? How come your peers are able to find time to play games while still completing their assignments in timely fashion? Perhaps they had some additional help you are not aware of, but have always been right in front of you.

No doubt you will have noticed the disruption and loss of time in switching your hands between the keyboard and mouse. Luckily wizards at Microsoft have been adding some little-known but time-saving keyboard shortcuts into their operating systems over the years. As a matter of fact, some really handy ones have been built right into Windows 7 and most modern web browsers. If improving your process flow is on your to-do-list, and maybe impress your bosses along the way, read on to find out more.

1. Move the cursor one word at a time

Keyboard Shortcuts

This trick will allow you to navigate the text word by word instead of letter by letter.

2. Select one word at a time

Keyboard Shortcuts

How about selecting entire words instead of letter by letter? This is what does the trick, selecting your text word by word.

3. Delete entire words

Keyboard Shortcuts

Doubt there is a faster way of ‘bulldozing’ through your unwanted text than this.

4. Select all text in the current line relative to the cursor

Keyboard Shortcuts

Instead of reaching for that mouse, try selecting your whole line of text with this.

5. Minimize all windows

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keep this trick handy if you like to Facebook in office.

6. Cycle between windows

Keyboard Shortcuts

Well this is certainly an eye-catching shortcut. Try it to see what I mean.

7. Lock the computer

Keyboard Shortcuts

Heading to the pantry for a quick bite? What better way to spend more time in the pantry than locking down your pc.

8. Launch the Task Manager

Keyboard Shortcuts

System’s hanging? Disable the troubled application with this trick.

9. Take a screenshot of the active window only

Keyboard Shortcuts

Cropping down a screenshot with multiple windows is a major pain, especially if you are a desktop real estate magnate. Capture a shot of your active window with this trick.

10. Rename a file

Keyboard Shortcuts

Forget about the right-clicking method, for this works with multiple files as well.

11. Zoom in and out

Keyboard Shortcuts

A common trick applicable to major applications, including browsers, word processors and Photoshop.

12. Return to default zoom

Keyboard Shortcuts

Done with the part requiring magnification? Use this trick to get your normal view.

13. In Browser: Open a new tab

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you prefer to run searches with a new tab, this is bound to be handy.

14. In Browser: Reopen closed tab

Keyboard Shortcuts

Definitely one of the most important tricks in the book; if you accidentally close your webpage while on something important, this will save your butt.

15. In Browser: Focus cursor on URL/search field

Keyboard Shortcuts

Why run through your massive list of Favourites if the URL has been etched into your memory?

There are plenty more shortcuts built into Windows and modern applications and it is up to you to perfect their use. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. In no time you will be able to speed up your processing speed and have plenty of room to plan your personal appointments after work.

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